Value, Self worth

What does it come down to?

People’s praise, affirmation for the great things you do?


The problem is that when they stop praising

It’s not too long after you feel like you’re failing.


Then what do you do, keep doing stuff,

Filling all of your time till you’ve done enough?


But you will never be able to please

enough people, you’ll be down on your knees,

toiling away to get affirmation

never stopping or breathing, until you are leaving

yourself behind, to be someone you don’t recognise

You’re fiction, a fable, just someone’s label

Not you.


Take a breath and breathe, take a moment and leave

the thoughts and worries that you had in your mind,

Take a step back from the fear that you’re always behind

It’s not them you need to please, but YOU, you need to find


And rest in the truth that you have value

Independent of likes, hits and shares through

social networks that make us feel less,

we’ve not go it together, our lives are a mess.


Please know you are loved by a higher power from above

He’s written in the bible that you are unique,

No need for popularity of special mystique

You have value because He made you

Regardless of the things you do


Stop building your worth on people’s praises

They come and go in various phases

Find value in the beauty that you create on this earth

And be sure to know

You truly have worth.



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