This is one of the hardest pages to write – but I’ll give it a go.

I’m Emma, born and raised in the wettest and most beautiful part of the UK – the Lake District and moved to Italy in 2011 to begin teaching English. I thought I’d be in la bella Italia for a couple of years but (currently writing) I am still here and life has developed into more than teaching English and drinking wine.*

This blog partly began as challenge to myself. I am great at starting and trying new things. In my life I have played tennis, football and netball, been part of a climbing club, sailing club and canoeing club. I have played the violin, clarinet, bass guitar, acoustic guitar and a cajon. I am great at starting things and being more or less average but what I’m not so good at is carrying them on, keeping going when my new hobby begins to get a little tough, time consuming or expensive.

Moving to another country comes with joys, challenges and frustrations. There are obvious cultural differences and feeling very much a foreigner, being surrounded by strange places, cultural differences and a huge language barrier, I began to write. My posts are sometimes reflective, mostly humorous and are a way for me to practice writing, share a few stories and hopefully make you chuckle or think.**

In Italian the word straniero means foreigner and strano means strange.
Living in Italy, I have certainly had many moments when I feel A) a foreigner
and B) very strange. Strana stranger is a play on words that has kind
of summed up many moments in my life recently.

*As well as teaching English I also work for a non profit ultimateXchange which provides fun ways to learn English here in Verona, Summer English camps and Exchanges. I’m a Christian and belong to a local Evangelical church here in Verona. I have a huge heart for people and love nothing more than grabbing a coffee/spritz with my girlfriends and anyone new who is in town. Humus and guacamole are basically food groups and I have finally come to love and respect my huge head of curls.

**I’ve also written a few articles for bab.la about living life in Italy. 


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