I’ve always been keen on writing, not neccessarily stories, poems or anything of great length or value, but I’ve always been one to have a notebook and pen handy. Scribbling things down on scraps of paper, using a traditional diary rather than the one on my phone. I often keep a journal when I’m travelling, on holiday and visiting new places just to remember the little things, the random things and often keep a record of great places I’ve eaten.

I decided to have a go at writing a blog basically to see if I could. A way for me to try something new, to encourage myself to be more perceptive, taking in what’s happening around me and asking myself about it.

I grew up in Cumbria, I think one of the most underrated parts of the UK, and then went to study History at the University of Liverpool. After graduating I decided to move abroad for a couple of years. I’m now into my fifth year of living in Verona and have no current plans to move back.

I’ve always been interested in other cultures and countries. I was involved in an International Student group at university and later worked for a few summers as a Student Welfare Tutor, organising and helping foreign students in Liverpool. I’ve taught at an English and Bible in Moldova for two years, and have travelled through a lot of Europe and spent Christmas 2014 in Rio de Janeiro. Meeting people and getting to know people is a passion of mine and now as an English Teacher in Italy I definitely get to meet my fair share of people.

I am a Christian and love Jesus. I love music – playing as well as listening. The guitar, bass and very recently the cajon are my instruments of choice. I love the energy that I can get out of playing music with others. I have big hair and have no hope of taming it. I love good food, my family and my many and wonderful girl friends who are constant inspirations to me.