Walking on Water

When my friend Josh mentioned the words 'Christo' and 'walking on water' in the same sentence and invited me along I wasn't entirely sure what he was proposing.



Value, Self worth What does it come down to? People's praise, affirmation for the great things you do?   The problem is that when they stop praising It's not too long after you feel like you're failing.   Then what do you do, keep doing stuff, Filling all of your time till you've done enough?... Continue Reading →

Ciao! vs Bye!

Every time I take a trip back to the UK my sister or mum are always the first to point out some of the 'Italian' things I've pick up since living in Verona. One is how much I use my hands when I talk. Now, I'm sure this is not just down to the over-exposure... Continue Reading →

There is no better feeling, than when I'm free wheeling, Past traffic and speeding, down streets that are leading, me from A to B my bike and me   Perfectly in sync - I don't need to think about what I am doing, my legs keep on moving speeding up slowing down till my feet hit... Continue Reading →

Are we nearly there yet…?

After crossing the Channel we'd pull into a tiny hotel in some remote French village, fall asleep on the hardest beds known to man then after a 'continental breakfast' head on to our Eurocamp destination. We'd be pottering along, enjoying the lovely French countryside when my mother would suddenly scream as we faced oncoming traffic and my dad would swerve into the right (in more than one sense of the word) lane.

Bla Bla bla…?

"Make sure you call me when you get to the airport. If we don't hear from you in a few hours we'll send out the search party!" Parting words from my friends as they dropped me off at the moterway entrance to catch a lift with "Gio". I was using Bla Bla Car (a car-sharing service)... Continue Reading →

Margherite Gialle

"In February it'll be 30 years since we've been open. Yeah, I've been working here that long ... we had a party for our 25th year. We invited family and friends and went out for a dinner but this year, I don't think we'll do anything..." My first "waiting conversation". I was given a beautiful... Continue Reading →

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